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Don Hall Ministry Report

Don Hall - March 06 - 70,000 +

Over 70,000 people attended the open-air crusade meetings with Don Hall and team


Impact World Tour

New Zealand

.Impact World Tour - NZ
  by David Cole


Although the final statistics are still coming in from some of the 53 communities around the nation involved in the Tour, records so far indicate that 300,000 people attended the campaign nights over the past 3 months and heard an uncompromising Gospel message. 

On top of this there has been proclamation on national TV (the Holmes Show, Te Karere, What Now), numerous radio programs, schools & prisons throughout NZ. 

Thus far there have been approx. 23,000 recorded decisions for Christ with 12,000 being those that have never responded to the Gospel before in any way.

These statistics & those that I have been sharing in these updates don't really do justice to the impact that these campaigns have been having at the local community level.  Apart from the thousands who have come into a relationship with Jesus over the Tour there have been:

Significant advances in Unity amongst the Church locally, 
Faith Raised as budgets have been met 
                  & prayer answered 
and according to various reports, the 
Spiritual Atmosphere within whole communities has changed. 
God has been glorified as His amazing power & love has been working deeply across NZ with these campaigns. We are deeply grateful for his protection, favor & grace that has been upon everyone involved.


We believe that perhaps the greatest harvest is yet to come as new believers share their faith & the witness of changed lives impacts friends & family.

There have been wonderful reports of follow-up discipling groups that have sprung up in different locations doing a great job with new believers. 

For example, in Hamilton --Teen leaders have been greatly encouraged. They have comitted to working together, creating a greater sense of unity. 

Two main Events "Impacted" (Children) and "Aftershock" (Pre-teens) has resulted in many new kids - who did not attend the campaign nights but were brought by their friends - have made a decision to follow Jesus. The Children and Pre-teen leaders of the city now meet every month for prayer and will join together every third month for further city-wide events. Never before have these youth leaders worked together. This is truly a testimony of God's power by his spirit, seeing the church in unity and the Kingdom of God increase.

Another example:  One of my daughters was approached by a girl at Mission Bay in Auckland recently asking her if she was a christian. She replied 'yes, are you?'. The girl said yes - and went on to explain how she came to know Jesus at Ericsson stadium at an IWT night, "It was awesome!". 

Good to see new believers being active in sharing their faith. Keep praying.  God wants to do much more in this land.


Note from David Hall: Over a year later and we're still getting reports of the fruit of IWT. This one just came via the Vision Network Newsletter:


In the aftermath of Impact World Tour, Youth Pastors and Youth Workers of Christchurch are uniting to a common vision. There are several youth pastor meetings happening on a regular basis around Christchurch, with communication between churches also opening up.


Recently I joined about 40 youth pastors from across our city, for a flight with a difference. On March the 17th 2005, 40+ youth pastors/workers flew for 45 minutes over the suburbs and satellite towns of Christchurch, asking God to minister to the region.

Afterwards there was time to socialize and share vision, with several people realizing similarities in end goals and vision, and ultimately seeing fellow workers, not as rivals but as complimentary to what God has asked them to do.

What excites me about this is how youth workers are of one mind – to work together to see the harvest brought in.
It’s also interesting to see that children’s pastors are also combining as part of the “Link” network, to plan how to strategically reach the children in our city.

Last month 25 youth committed to Christ in one high school alone - from the obedience of the student leader in the Christian group.


“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.”
Psalm 133:1 NIV

- Alistair Teague, Youth Worker, Scripture Union, Canterbury

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